Head Brewer

Matthew was born at an incredibly young age to the mother who conceived him. His first words were spoken. Drunk on these biographical triumphs he developed his true calling in the valorous art of scrubbing floors at Stone Brewing. With floors shining he would relax by brewing tasty beers to quench his thirst. Having gained a strong understanding of what not to do and a passion for trying anyway, he struck out across the nation. In Roseville he found a new home at High Pines Brewing. There he aims to produce exceptional brews with a flourish of the unexpected.”

Ahh, our kind of person...very smart and beer knowledgeable, with a nice dose of sarcasm:) 

He truly did come to us from Stone Brewing-Napa, CA where he worked as their Small Batch Brewer. We are excited he decided to join our team!